Convert your smartphone into an underwater camera, dive computer, and more!

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DiveCase allows you recording high-quality videos and making exciting photos. All media could be post-processed according to a depth colour shift.

Dive computer

The device body is equipped with pressure, acceleration and temperature sensors. All data transferred and processed in real-time.

Underwater navigation (underdevelopment)

We provide the app with a powerful set of additional features: gallery, statistics, dive log, dive feed, decompression planning and many others.

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More features

Small but not less important

  • Waterproof to 100 meters

  • Dive log data

  • Ability to connect accessories like lights, sonar ...

Screenshot of small App


We concentrate on the two main case models and cover your maximum needs.


$149 / pc
  • underwater navigation
  • pressure sensor
  • 3 - accessories holders
  • pressure controlled auto white balance


$49 / pc
  • 100-meter waterproof case
  • rope fixing on the arm

Our team

We are gathering the best talent in the one place - our team.

Taras Slyvka


The man who made DiveCase come true.

Severyn Parkhomenko


The man who created DiveCase App. Obsessed with depths of the sea and space mysteries. Believes in the big future of Ukraine

Vasyl Plakhotniuk


The man who designed DiveCase.

Igor Arkhypenko


The man who raise the money and do it by law.

Frequently asked questions

Find your answer here. If not, please email us!

Have you tested it in the deep water?

In the active mode up oerbaric chamber up to 100 meters and in the open water up to 30 meters.

How long does the battery last?

In the active mode up to 30 hours.

What are the requirements for the phone?

Size - 80*11*170 millimetres, Bluetooth, camera.

What phones does it support?

Including iPhone 4 and later, Sumsung Galaxy S5 and later and many other devices.

Are are you interested?

We will tell you the main events of our development path. You will find out first where and how to buy our DiveCase.

Built With Launchaco
Built With Launchaco